WM-SG-SM-42, LoRA Module

LoRA 모듈은 광범위한 통신 영역을 확보해야 하는 IoT 분야에 주로 적용하고 있는 LPWA 모듈로서, NBIOT나 CAT.M1 방식의 LPWA와 다른 점으로 손쉽게 단독망을 구축할 수 있다는 것을 특징으로 하고 있다.


Dimension: 12 x 13 x 2.0mm

The WM-SG-SM-42 LoRA module which refers as “module” is a small size module

and consists of a SEMTECH SX1272, an authorization chip and a UFL connector.

The WM-SG-SM-42 provides for the highest-level integration for electronic accessories, featuring integrated Lora.

This multifunctionality and board-to-board physical interface provides UART interface options.


For the software and driver development, USI provides extensive technical document and reference software code

for the system integration under the agreement of SEMTECH and ST.

Hardware evaluation kit and development utilities will be released base on listed OS and processors to OEM customers.




1.  I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 개발자보드 Image


⊕ 개발자 사이트는 아래 링크를 참조바랍니다.

 § https://www.st.com/en/evaluation-tools/i-nucleo-lrwan1.html





2. WM-SG-SM-42 Features


♦ Semtech SX1272

– Provides LoRA communication

– High sensitivity: down to -137 dBm

– Low power operation supporting


♦ STM32L052 Microprocessor

– ARM 32-bit Cortex-M0+ CPU

– CPU frequency up to 32MHz

– Embedded 8K SDRAM and 64K Flash

– 20 General Purpose IOs multiplexed with other interfaces

– Hardware division and fast multiplier

– Little-endian memory space


♦ WM-SG-SM-42 LoRA Module

– Featuring integrated LoRA modem

– Low power consumption & excellent power management performance extend battery life.

– Easy for integration into mobile and handheld

– device with flexible system configuration.

– l Lead Free design which supporting Green design requirement, RoHS Compliance and Halogen-free.

– FCC/CE/LoRaWAN certified





3. WM-SG-SM-42 Document


Datasheet § WM-SG-SM-42_Product SPEC_Rev05_20180322