Bluetooth, BT, Classic, BLE, V5.2, Combo, Dual-Mode Module → 9dBm@max, USB IF for dongle application, Audio TX/RX, SPP, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP/HSP,  PBAP 등 지원




Bluetooth와 BLE를 두가지 모드를 내장하고 있는 BT1036는  Bluetooth Dual-Mode Module로,  Bluetooth v5.2 표준을 지원한다.

BT1036는 Bluetooth BR/EDR를 포함하여 SPP, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP/HSP, HOGP, PBAP 등 각종 BT 프로파일들을 지원하고 있다.





1. Product Image


and System Block


10.0 x 11.9 mm (A-type, Ext Ant Type)

13.0 x 26.9 mm(B-Type, Onboard Ant)





2. Function and Features

Features Parameter Description
Standard Version V5.1
Wireless Frequency 2.402~2.4835 GHz
Output Power 10dBm @Max Power
Sensitivity -93 dBm @BDR=1Mbps
Antenna On-board/External Antenna @option
Peripherals GPIO 14 @Max
  I2C 1 Channel Master, Upto 30Kbps
  ADC 12 Bit, 0~1.8V Input
  USB 1 Channel, Full-Speed(12Mbps)
Operating Condition Operating Voltage 3.1V~4.35V
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 85℃






3. Documents and Download

Datasheet FSC-BT1036x Datasheet V1.0 EN